QChi Chain (QHC)

Blockchain is future of business technology

Blockchain is here to stay for the long run. Blockchain can not only link people, but also intelligent hardware and software into collaborative entities based on its technology.

About QHC

QChi Chain Introduction

QChi Chain (QHC) is a cross industry application platform that brings blockchain technology to a wide range of industries. QHC provides solid and stable technical support and establishes a robust model through a world-class communication platform and an economically sustainable ecosystem, enabling easy blockchain based P2P asset transfer. Currently, QHC is linking up the marketing, agrobusiness, health, game, tourism, artificial intelligence (AI) industries and others, providing blockchain cross industry application chain adoption and structures, underlying technical support services and case application development.

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decentralised supply chain

A cross industry application platform that enables supply chain solutions

Providing reduced procurement costs, reduced time waste, clear vertical and horizontal contrasts, transparent and open pricing, manufacturers and suppliers privately tailored, timely and efficient logistics. Helping achieve elimination of intermediate links, consolidating inventory resources, control over production costs and reducing inventory backlogs.

  • Blockchain enabling simple, convinient, fast and efficient solutions
  • Modular structure enabling easy implementation for different software
  • Unified AppStore for B2B, B2C and C2C retail products using cryptocurrency solutions with a crypto products audience
  • Advanced payment and processing technologies, fine-tuned from several years of development testing
Awesome services

Awesome services

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Our way

Road Map

Q1 2019

Plan and design of QHC framework

Q2 2019

QHC token contracts and blockchain deployment

Q3 2019

Personalised wallet development

Q4 2019

MOU with industrial partners

Q1 2020

Partnership with merchants

Q2 2020

Fintech integrations

Q3 2020

Listing on exchange platforms

Q4 2020

Further blockchain compatibility development

Q1 - Q2 2021

Global applications and expansion


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Our data

Distribution Statistics

QHC has a max supply of 9.2 billion coins, to be distributed in the below proportion. A portion of QHC fees collected on the native platform are to be burned based on inbuilt burining mechanism. In essense, reducing the available supply and increasing QHC value.

  • Community building 10%
  • Marketing bonuses 5%
  • Staking and transaction Mining 40%
  • Supporting partners and participating industries 40%
  • Foundation and economic dev team 5%
Mobile app

QChiChain Mobile App

QChiChain has its own mobile app for Android and iPhone, which supports storage and transfer of the QHC native coin version amongst other functions. Additionally, the ERC20 token version of QHC can be stored on most standard ethereum wallets that supports such standard, such as MetaMask, Trust wallet and others.

About token

QHC Token

  • Name: QChiChain Token
  • Type: ERC20/Native
  • Symbol: QHC
  • Platform: Ethereum, Native and others
  • Max Supply: 9,200,000,000 QHC (9.2 Billion)
General description

QChiChain has is currently released on the Ethereum blockchain in full compliance with ERC20* standard. QHC also runs on its own native chain, and would also be released on Binance and Tron blockchains.

QHC is interchangeable and can swap for any other version on the supported blockchains. The utilisation of multiple blockchains guarantees cross applications, interoperabily and the compatibility of the QHC with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

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